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Gene Bertoncini and Jack Wilkins

Just The Two Of Us

Catalog # 362

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1) Lover Man (9:13)
2) How Deep Is The Ocean? (9:35)
3) Cry Me A River (8:37)
4) Gone With The Wind (6:38)
5) Spring Is Here (3:33)
6) Morning Of The Carnival (8:08)
7) You Stepped Out Of A Dream (7:22)
8) Rainy Day (5:50)
9) Embraceable You (6:30)
10) The Shadow Of Your Smile (6:10)
Notes: Anyone with an appreciation for breathtaking virtuosity, or even a remote interest in the guitar, will absolutely flip over this live duo performance by Gene Bertoncini and Jack Wilkins. They are two of the most respected guitarists in the world, each with a distinct artistic profile. Bertoncini has become known as the greatest living exponent of the classical guitar in jazz, and Wilkins has a reputation for burning electric guitar performances that leave most fusion worshipers in the dust. In tandem, their impeccable technique, harmonic knowledge, and rhythmic instincts, combined with a perfect blend of intimacy and raw energy, creates a musical dream come true.
Performers: Gene Bertoncini And Jack Wilkins
Producer: SOS Productions
Mastered by: Jon Bates/Downtown Sound & Mix Masters
Artwork: Paul Bacon