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George Young with Lew DelGatto

Old Times

Catalog # 307

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1. For Alvin And John
2. Old Times
3. Requiem For Two Clarinets
4. Carribean Happy Feet
5. Turn Around
6. Angel
7. Don't Step On Your Dreams
8. second Wind
9. Jazzspeak
Notes: Recorded 12&13 Sept. ,1989 at NYC
Performers: George Young, leader,alto flute, clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax,tenor sax; Lew Del Gatto,flute, clarinet, tenor sax; Ron Feuer, piano; Bob Di Nardo, guitar; Tony Marino, bass; Tom Whalley, drums; Jamey Haddad, drums, percussion
Producer: Andrew Sordoni
Mastered by: Malcolm Addy
Artwork: Putney & Associates